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Everything you need to know about high protein pasta!

Nothing hits like a bowl of pasta. Usually ideal when carb loading, replenishing reserves after an intense workout or simply looking for a tasty meal, pasta is rarely (if ever) thought of as a potential protein source. This is changing in recent times with the emergence of protein pasta. But protein pasta is still somewhat shrouded in mystery, so here’s everything you need to know!

Different Protein Pastas for Individual goals and diets

The primary sources of protein pastas range from beans and lentils to peas (particularly chickpeas and green peas). These have the benefit of high plant-based protein yields, typically anywhere between 11g and 25g per serving of pasta.

They also provide a dose of fiber that is not present in the typical non-plant based protein sources ranging from 5g to 13g of recommended daily values.

There are also added benefits depending on other ingredients added in. For example, all of our Pasta Plant Pastas contain psyllium which helps with reducing constipation but more importantly also helps manage cholesterol levels.

Depending on your diet requirements and goals, you will need to experiment with different pastas to find just the right one.

For a balanced meal, our Prosper pack is ideal. Providing a fairly even balance between protein and carbs (33g of protein and 25g of carbs) per 100g serving, it not only acts as carb loading, but serves a healthy dose of protein to maximise muscle gains. It also contains superfood Moringa which is well known to protect and nourish skin and hair, protect the liver as well as helping in the prevention of cancer.

If you are leaning towards lower carbs diets (such as keto diets or Atkins diet), our Proactive pack might be the perfect guilt-free treat with 61g of protein and 19g of carbs per 100g serving. It also serves as a perfect calorie fit for most plans as it contains only 359 calories per 100g serving.

An added benefit of our protein pastas are that they are all vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

You can also get creative by adding in other vegetables such as courgettes or butternut that are also low in carbs. Whatever your taste may be, enjoy a dose of the health benefits of our protein pastas!
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