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PROACTIVE - Plant-Based Protein Pasta


Hitting protein macros is extremely important for active people, especially If you are looking to increase muscle mass. Consuming enough protein is not always easy (especially if you are on a plant-based diet). Sure, protein shakes and supplements are one option - but we prefer to eat for taste as well as results. That's why we took the most versatile of food, pasta, and turned it into a good source of plant-based protein.


Our PROACTIVE line is designed for high protein and low carbohydrates diets, promoting healthy eating and eliminating the stuffiness of complex carbs and their weight gaining repercussions.

Prepared with 100% organic and gluten-free ingredients, it’s the perfect support for intense activities, helping the body recover and grow - without compromising on taste.



High in protein - the building blocks of muscles, protein help muscle recovery and growth.

Low in carbs - Contains only unrefined carbs for a slow and constant release of energy.

Vegan friendly - PROACTIVE is made without eggs or any animal produce. Its high plant-based protein count is particularly suited for vegan diets.

Gluten free, Soy free - in fact, allergen free.

Tasty - Tested on Italian palates - If you like pasta, you’ll like Proactive!



In addition to providing the building blocks for healthy muscles and tissues, plant protein may also be beneficial for weight loss. Plant-based proteins tend to be lower in calories and fat than animal proteins but higher in fiber and essential nutrients.


When you take gluten out of the equation, the biggest challenge for pasta makers is combining multiple ingredients and getting them to stick together. Some brands might use chemicals, others might use eggs and - as you can imagine - that makes their pasta not suitable for vegans, and not necessarily 100% organic.

Some producers have created pastas entirely from one ingredient (think of  lentil pasta) since it’s easier to make them. But that seriously limits the control they can have on taste and texture as well as on the nutritional values that can be achieved.

At Pasta Plant, we have created a pasta with multiple organic ingredients, without the use of chemicals or eggs - a pasta which is simultaneously 100% organic and ideal for vegans, coeliacs, those who want to avoid soy and those who are on low carb diets.


High in plant-based protein and low in carbs, PROACTIVE is perfect for recovery and muscle building.


Entirely plant based, with slow-burning carbs and high in plant protein.

Gluten Free

100% gluten free. Unlike many glute-free alternatives, PROACTIVE is TASTY!

What's inside PROACTIVE?

PROACTIVE is made entirely from legumes, roots, flowers and seeds. It contains absolutely no additives or chemicals.

INGREDIENTS: Pea protein, Hulled Chicklings, Teff, Konjac, Psyllium.

How do I cook PROACTIVE?

You can cook PROACTIVE in boiling, salted water - just as you would regular wheat pasta - and enjoy it with your favourite sauce.

PROACTIVE's Nutritional Values

Per 100g

Energy: 359kcal

Protein: 64.1g

Carbohydrates: 14.1g (of which sugars: 0g)

Fat: 3.15g (of which saturates: 0.68g)

Fibre: 8.9g

Salt: 2.33g

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